Wyche Family History

Harry and Harriett Wyche were probably born slaves on the plantation of John Ira Wyche in Granville County, Virginia, sometimes around 1805. Many of the Wyches lived in the Hicksford section of Emporia and the name Wyche is common to the area. In addition to having children by his wife, Harry also fathered seven children by at least two other women whose names were Clarissa and Louise. Harry's children by Clarissa were Jane (born in 1846) and Jackson (birth date unknown). His children by Louise were Betty, Lucy, Emma, Suzanne and Chany. Meanwhile, Harry and Harriett had the following children: Jack , born in 1850, Ben in 1852, and Oscar in 1853.

Harry's son, Jack Wyche was married several times - to Mary Young in 1873, to Mary Eliza Evans in 1882, and to Martha Walker in 1903. He fathered James, Vernon, and Georgia (who had two children herself - Russell and Walter). His other children were Walter, Carrie, Bennie and Davie. Exactly which one of these wives is the mother of which child is unknown at this time. Harriette (Wyche) Wilkins Clanton, a daughter of Jack Wyche, had two children: William Wilkins and Mary (Wilkins) Davis. Another daughter, Mary (Wyche) Lane married John Lane and they had one son, Napoleon Lane. Napoleon was called "Knee Pee" and he had one daughter, Erlinda (Lane) Newsome, and a son, Jerry Lane. Daughter Hattie (Wyche) Freeman married Harvey Freeman and we have no record any children born to them at this time. Daughter Willier (Wyche) Clark married Walter Clark. Wonder where the name "Willier" came from?

Lastly, Oscar Wyche , the youngest son of Harry and Harriett, married twice: to Amy Outland and after her death he married Patience (Lockhart) Gorum Wyche and no children were born to that union.

Harry's son, Ben Wyche married Nancy Squire; they had children but their names are unknown.

Harry's daughter, Jane Wyche - whose mother is Clarissa, married Reuben Pompey.

It is not known if Harry and Clarissa's son Jackson Wyche ever married.

From here the lineage becomes somewhat fuzzy but there is confirmation of another son of Jack Wyche, named Wright Wyche who had seven wives. In following the family tree structure compiled by Millard C. Mitchell, Sr., it appears that Wright Wyche had a daughter named Roberta (Wyche) Garner who married Leslie Garner. They had three children: Elizabeth B., Thomas M. and Rosella (Garner) Clanton.

Oscar is described as short, with a dark complexion and a beard that hung to his waist. He was said to be a very jovial person who could make anyone laugh - sounds like Uncle Naggy - without the beard! His grandchildren are not sure exactly what year he died, but he was still alive between 1900 and 1910.

Before we go any farther, here is a brief background on Amy Outland. According to information retrieved by Terence Wyche, a slave named "Marina" was born circa 1820 in Northampton County. It is not known on which plantation she was born, but she did live on the Matt Ransom Plantation called "Verona." While there, Marina had two children: Emma (born 1840) and Amy (born 1841). The children's father was Willis Outland, a mulatto (a person of mixed Caucasian and Indian or Negro ancestry) who lived on the Outland Plantation between Jackson and Rich Square. General Matt Whitaker Ransom (1826-1904) sold Marina and her daughter Amy to the Outlands, but kept Marina's other daughter, Emma. The old General himself fathered a child by his slave, Emma in 1859, and that child's name was Douglas. A few years later (January 20, 1866) Emma "jumped the broom" with the General's wife's slave named Dossey Exum. Dossey kept his surname for a few years before changing it to "Ransome." Notice that an "e" was added to "Ransom." Dossey Ransome fathered seven children by Emma (Outland) Ransom: Elizabeth (born 1865), Pleasant (born 1866), Emily (born 1868), Daniel (born 1874), Mary (born 1876), Willis (born 1878), and Ned.

Meanwhile Marina and her husband Willis (Outland? Because he lived on the Outland plantation?) had two children other than Emma and Amy. They were: Alice (Outland) Williams (born 1842) and Henderson Outland (born 1846). It is from Willis and Marina through their daughter Amy that our ancestry of the Outland Family begins.

Oscar Wyche married Amy Outland on March 17, 1870. They made their first home in the Weldon township of Roanoke Rapids, later moved to the Gaston township, and finally to the Occoneechee township of Northampton County. They were the parents of seven children: Herbert , Dizell , Mary , Emma (Aunt "Em") , Willis (the Uncle that reared Grandma Amie), Donie , and Midlina . Before marrying Amy, and while still in slavery on the Wyche Plantation, Oscar had three other children: Adelaide , John , and Herbert Wyche.

Oscar and Amy's son Herbert Wyche married Eva Ramsey and they had the following offspring: William "Jeff" Wyche, Beaufort Otis Wyche, Willis Lee Wyche, and James Cloyd Wyche. William "Jeff" had two daughters: Yvonne (Wyche) Howe and Linda Wyche. Yvonne's children are Robin and Robert Howe. Linda's daughter is Cicely Wyche. Beaufort Otis' children are William, James, Henry, Edward, Earl and Robert Wyche.

Willis Lee Wyche and James Cloyd Wyche did not have children.

Oscar and Amy's daughter, Emma (Wyche) Bynum married Mont Bynum. "Ain' Em" as we fondly called her, had the following children: Wilkins, Johnie Sue, Mabel, Mont Jr., Tonch, Daniel, Oscar, Baily, Bernard and Florence. Wilkins (not Wilkin) was born February 20, 1903. He married Pearl and had five daughters: Barbara Bynum, Florence (Bynum) Brown, Edith Bynum, Patricia Bynum, Elizabeth (Bynum) Morgan, and Shirley Bynum. Emma's daughter, Johnie Sue (Bynum) Manley Miles, married Rufus Manley and had one son, Rufus "Boot" Manley (Jr. is not listed on his obituary). Rufus was born May 7, 1928 and was married to Rose Johnson; they did not have children of their own but he had stepchildren. Rufus died February 7, 1997. Johnie Sue was later married to Willie Miles. Emma's daughter, Mabel (Bynum) Brooks, was born September 24, 1905 and died March 11, 1981. She was married to Robert Brooks and had eight children: sons, Robert Jr., and Calvin. (Robert Jr. was born December 16, 1925 and married the former Teresa Buffaloe and had ten children. He later married the former Emma Louise Clark in 1984. Some of Robert Junior's children are: Gloria, Susie, Brenda, Sintele and George. Robert Jr. died January 2, 1996). Mable's daughters were Louise Brooks, Dorothy (Brooks) Johnson, Mattie (Brooks) Boyd, Bena Brooks, and Emma (Brooks) Jackson. Mont Bynum, Jr. had no children. Tonch Bynum, Sr. was born December 16, 1910, was married to Lillian and they had one son, Tonch Jr. Tonch Sr. died August 13, 1984. Emma's sons, Daniel, Oscar and Baily did not have children. Her son, Bernard, had one child, Bernard Bynum, Jr. Emma's youngest daughter, Florence, married Lorenzo Edwards and had the following children: Montria Lee (Edwards) McCoy ("Patty Cake"), Rev. Purnell Edwards ("Bob Jack"), Baileyard, Wayne, Vernon Leroy ("Whoolie"), Emma Jean (Edwards) McPhielh, Lorenzo ("LoLo"), Gail Sue (Edwards) Davis and Agaron (Edwards) Davis ("Toni").

Oscar and Amy's son, Hubert W. Wyche married Sarah Stephenson and had two children: Ethel (Wyche) Archie, Hayward Wyche and Brutus Wyche. Hayward was married to Piccola Porch.

Their daughter, Mary Wyche , never married but she had three children: Ella (Wyche) Vassor (whose father is said to be her mother's cousin, Samuel Ransom), Willis "Buddy" Wyche (whose father is unknown to us) and Amie (Wyche) Mitchell - Grandma ! Grandma's father is Dr. Lewis. Mary's son, Willis died at a young age on a train that ran between Seaboard and Gumberry, NC. Mary's daughter, Ella, married Samuel Thomas Vassor and had four children: Mary (Vassor) Bowser Green, Emma B. (Vassor) Peebles (born on September 1, 1915), Maude (Vassor) Belfield and Dr. Samuel T. Vassor, III. Emma married Allen Major Peebles and had two sons: Allen Jr. and Frederick B. Peebles). Ella's daughter, Mary married Samuel Bowser and had at least two children: Samuel (Sam) and Vivian (Bowser) Floyd. Mary's daughter, Amie married Charlie Robert Mitchell and had 13 children (SEE Family History) .

Oscar and Amy's daughter, Dizell Wyche married (Earl, Ern or Earn) Loundie and had two children: Sidney and Edith Wyche.

Oscar's daughter, Adelaide Wyche , married Thomas Squire; Thomas was called Tom. (Adelaide was not the daughter of Amy Outland and Oscar Wyche. She was the daughter of Oscar and another slave named Roberta Wyche - not his wife. She was a "Wyche" because she lived on the Wyche Plantation). Tom and Adelaide had eight children: Thomas Squire (Jr.?), Minnie (Wyche) Lamar, Susan (Wyche) Jones, Odell (Wyche) Edwards, Luke, Bailey, Hubbard and Walter Wyche. Minnie (Wyche) Lamar married Thomas Lamar and had one son, Luke Wyche. Odell (Wyche) Edwards married Madie Edwards and had four children: Susan B. Jones, Garland Edwards, Walter Edwards and "Red" Edwards. Luke Wyche had one daughter, Virginia Wyche. Hubbard Wyche and Walter Wyche did not have children that we can account for at this time. (Only one of Adelaide's children, Thomas Squire, was fathered by her husband; he other seven had a different father who was supposedly white and is unknown). Adelaide was dearly loved by her niece, Amie (Wyche) Mitchell and they often visited each other. Her niece tells stories of Aunt Adelaide bringing lots of clothes and other goodies when she came to visit.

It seems that Oscar and Amy had a son named John Wyche of which there is very little information. It is known that he married Hester J. Turner in 1894 and had three children: Roberta, Leanna and Minne (Minnie?) Wyche.

I'm not sure who Donie Wyche married It is known that she had a daughter named Manor Wyche who married Russell Peebles. I was beginning to wonder about the gender of "Manor" when I realized the mate was named "Russell." Whew! Manor and Russell had a son, Tom Peebles, and a daughter, Elsie Peebles.

There is nothing known about Midlina Wyche at this time - except Ma (Louise) said that her mother and father would acuse her of being "just like that old "devilish" Midlina!

Oscar and Amy's son, Willis Wyche married Mary Lou (Buffaloe) on December 17, 1901 and had nine children: Eather (called Misty), Robert Waverly, Gladys, Fred, Ethel, John Lee, Winfield, Etta Rhea and Alexander. Willis Wyche died at age 46 in 1921. Mary Lou later married a Williams and had two more children: Lincoln and Eddie. She lived on until she was 105 and died on her wedding anniversary in 1982. Their daughter, Eather (Wyche) Buffaloe married Paul Buffaloe and they had two children: Eather (Buffaloe) Walker, and Clara (Buffaloe) Darden who married Millard Darden. Clara's children are Millard Jr. and Donovan Darden. Robert never married or had children. Gladys (Wyche) Sommerville had three children: Bernice (Nell) Smith Staton, Malinda Smith Stone and Emma (Sommerville) Bullock. Fred Wyche had one daughter, Deloris Wyche. Ethel (Wyche) Moody Williams had two children: "Bujack" Moody and "Junie" Moody. John Lee Wyche had five children: Georgia Mae (Wyche) Belvin, Walter Wyche, James Wyche, John Lee Wyche, Jr., and Jane (Wyche) Hackett. Winfield Wyche and Etta Rhea Wyche did not have children. Alexander Wyche married Bessie Kee and they had eight children: Ralph Wyche, Mary (Wyche) Boone, Willis Wyche, Willie B. Wyche, Jeannette K. (Wyche) Porter, Waverly Wyche, Alexander Wyche, Jr., and Helen L. (Wyche) Person. Mary Lou's children by her second husband were Lincoln and Eddie. Lincoln Williams had four children: Frank, Marvin, Donnell and Jamie Coy. Eddie Williams had four children: Beatrice, Rosetta, "Mouse," and Barbara.




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